A statement on the aggressive policies of Saudi Arabia towards neighboring countries

Statements 08-11-2021

The National Assembly Party (NAAS) rejects the systematic use of aggressive policies against neighboring countries, as demonstrated lately with Lebanon, whether this aggression, as a form to resolve political differences, takes a form of political boycott, targeted media smear campaign, or lending support to repressive governments against their respective nations in the region. The party resents using such aggressive means, despite their proven failure in resolving regional conflicts, and reminds the government of the importance of resorting to diplomatic means and maintaining open channels for negotiations, dialogue and settlements of differences, in order to maintain the best national interests and the future of regional relations with our country. We would like to draw particular attention to the negative impact of aggressive policies in weakening our country’s foreign influence and establishing a soft power worthy of our position as a leading country in the region.

The ill-advised military intervention in Yemen has aggravated the intensity of conflicts and disabled the opportunity for peaceful deliberation of power. It has immersed Yemen in humanitarian and developmental crisis that are difficult to overcome. Moreover, it has depleted our country’s military and financial resources without a clear strategy of political objectives or alternatives. In addition, it wasted the opportunity for the Saudi government to play the role of a credible, unbiased, peace broker for the resolution of the conflict and opened the space for other entities and countries to lead that role.

The blockade of Qatar, along with a vicious smear campaign, has created a negative climate in the region that weakened negotiations, cost our nation massive resources to settle the international legal claims by Qatar, and tarnished the country’s reputation.  The unjustifiable severing of the Saudi diplomatic relations has also been conducted previously with Canada and lately with Lebanon and with current and future costs.

The Saudi government, and based on an ethically and politically flawed policy, has sided with coups in Egypt, Tunisia and Sudan, leading to destabilization of constitutional institutions, democratic pathways, and peaceful deliberation of power in these countries. This has happened despite massive public protests in these countries calling for an end of military coup and other coup d'état, in an absolute support of oppressive regimes against friendly and neighboring nations.

For these reasons, we, in the National Assembly Party, renew our position, as portrayed in all our previous statements, of supporting the rights of our nation and other nations in the region to pursue political representation, establish a democratic pathway, enjoy civil and political rights, and peacefully resist all forms of repression.