About NAAS

About the national assembly party 

Why national assembly party? 


Say this question should ask who understands the situation in our country.  Everyone suffers at home, and complains or is waiting for an initiative from others.  And every outsider knows the tragedy that our country is suffering, and the calamities that await it if it continues under the current failed administration.  And here we offer an explanation of the matter for those who do not understand the harsh conditions our country is going through, or the dark future of the effects of these policies that are going on today.  This is because the current authorities and their predecessors failed miserably to create a free and cooperative society, and established the rule of oppression, corruption, tyranny, plunder, and mass humiliation.  There is no advantage for our country today except for the proliferation of prisons, the rise in taxes, oppression, fear and defeats on all fronts, the tearing and dispersal of society even from within the same family, the cultivation of hatred and fear and the culture of hatred, and the sharp reversal of what remains of morals and norms that made people tolerate an authority that allowed them a small part of  Their wealth, and kept them from it, which established some services despite their backwardness, weakness, and primitive procedures compared to the countries of the world.

Here we explain the name and know the party and its starting points.



The party is a political association for a group that believes in the necessity of establishing a democratic state based on the rights of full citizenship for its inhabitants, and the party has its program to save the country from what the long-term failed policies have fallen into. The party is a practical political means that succeeded in saving successful countries in the world from the individual's opinion, behavior, bias and interests at the expense of the people's interests.  And his fate.

 God has loved our country with historical and geopolitical advantages, endless resources and bounties, but it is a jewel in the hand of a charcoal.  It is deprived of a successful administration that knows the country's qualifications and capabilities.  This administration deals with our homeland and its major issues like it deals with children who despair and inheritors the treasures of the world with extravagance that exceeds all limits on their desires, and oppression of the people who have the right to everything, and the pursuit of impoverishment, intimidation, imprisonment, assassination and mortgage of individuals, men, women and elderly, Because their relatives declared or questioned the absurd method with which the country and its capabilities were crushed.  Political terminology and practical practices are not different from the video games terminology of "crush violators", but this time, unfortunately, it is being implemented in human, economics, politics and all aspects of life, crushing everything for the mood of the tyrant.



The founding group from the first moments brought them together with one goal and concern for their country.  They do not see an advantage for one individual over another, nor for a region or for a family. They are united by the benevolence of the country and its inhabitants, as they transcend regionalism, sectarianism and regionalism in order to build a single homeland for all its residents are equal, and they present the bond of the interests of their countries, overcoming any partial divisions that present one person, group or component over another.  In fact, the gathering is the loyal and loyal members and supporters, and the founders have no role except to open the way for honest competencies to carry out their responsibilities towards their homeland, and for everyone to strive to save our country and build its future. 



We seek to establish citizenship, which is participation in the making of the politics and destiny of our country, without racism, class, or priority for an individual, family, tribe, or region in his administration, so everyone offers for himself and the country the best they can, and protect it under the control of the law, from the weakness of the individual, his ambitions, his disappointment, his relationships and his personal whims.  And national, because we want the party to express the duties and rights of this vast, vast, and great nation.  We respond with this description to everyone who prevents the population from participating in the protection and construction of the country, and does not see competence in the people of his country, or sees the outside as a priority in directing the policy of our country, whether the influence comes from opponents or enemies or pretending to love and loyalty, while they are seeking destruction by resorting to his enemies to direct his policy and interests.  So everyone who deprives the people of the homeland from political action for his own benefit is managing the country according to an individual turbulent mood or managing from outside, and this is exactly what is happening in our country  Its citizens have become oppressed, exiled, prisoners, and fearful, while its enemies manage its fate.


Additionally, it is important for us to make the difference between the state and the government clear in our minds, for the state is the people, land, resources, geography and history, while the government is the administration, and it is changing, appointing and removing, reforming and corrupting. Fault and the right to own people and their destiny, and this is a very backward and brutal concept, and some of them may have thought and practiced it.  And if the terms state and government are common in some languages, then that is because the government for them is elected by the people, and part of it, without tutelage, continuity, or illusions of possession, and when we have a government for the country coming from its people and choosing a decision and destiny, that problem will not occur.  Rather, our country needs to put an end to this false illusion that is widespread among us, which seeks to dissolve the state into the whims of a person.



Republic or constitutional monarchy.

Since this is a democratic party that represents the general population, it does not exercise tutelage over them in the form of the coming democratic rule in the country, and the people decide in a general referendum the type of system they want, so what is important is the existence of an elected government headed by a prime minister or president elected with the consent of the majority of the people.  Thus, it does not matter if the people retained with their consent the symbolism of the position of a king or abolished it. All free peoples in the world do not stop much at these details after they are liberated from any individual dictatorial pattern.


Against chaos and violence

Our initiative to establish the party is nothing but a preemptive step to avoid chaos and deliverance from the waves of violence that the government is establishing these days and pushing society towards in an accelerated manner.  That is why the establishment of democratically elected institutions will create security, participation, openness and reconciliation, in a society torn apart by the government with intimidation, prisons and terror from any free word that leads everyone who says it to the darkness of prisons, torture and displacement.  Our party is nothing but an industry of solid social bonds that are formed from all classes of society, its regions, and the orientations of its youth, in order to prevent the disruption and strife that the regime seeks to consolidate its influence by sowing enmity between the people.


About terrorism

The government does not want to admit that it is the predecessor of the modern global terrorism industry Because its prisons, injustice and torture are what resulted in Al Qaeda and the foundations for ISIS ideology.  Prisons such as al-Hayer, Dhahban, Shaar, and al-Tarfiyah pushed the youth to the ideology of terrorism and pushed the youth to it when they found themselves victims of official terrorism, cruelty, torture and deprivation with the prohibition of any form of protest, as the authorities unleashed their soldiers and ordered them to torture youth, oppress them and prevent them from any human right.  Whoever opens his mouth complaining of grievances, he will be faced with doubling the prison terms, subjected to torment, and deformed, with nothing in front of him except silence, death, or emigration, so they followed the paths that the authorities forced them to.  And if most of the West condones it for a long time because it wants to absorb its wealth, then this is temporary before everything is taken away and everyone pays the price for the people and the authorities.

 If the world remained silent about the crimes of government terrorism in our country, it would not be for long.  Voices here and there started talking about the horrific reality we have, and after that the country's wealth will not be sufficient to pay compensation in the courts, nor to compliment the countries that have exercised the authorities of our country terrorism on their lands, kidnapped opponents from them, and conducted brutal and backward behavior against the countries of the world violating all international norms.  One of the most important foundations and sources of terrorism are authorities that are neither punished for their actions nor for their terrorism, and there is no institution or party that can curb its terrorism or corruption, neither at home nor abroad.  It terrorizes its citizens by every means, then spends the wealth of the population on private propaganda companies for itself and its people under the pretext of fighting terrorism.  Rather, it did not stop at this point, for it used to bring out prisoners convicted of violence, equip them, and hate them to go out to the fronts of violence, and whoever did not go out to combat, she would return him to prison.  This is to create waves of violence that justify the authorities' persecution of the people and convict them on charges of violence, to terrorize the people and to find a justification in front of the world to oppress it.  Not only that, but prisons were a source of great financial corruption;  As the ruler and his close associates receive huge sums in the name of subsistence and service and plundering prisoners ’paltry salaries, which has increased the numbers and extended the length of sentences and sentences.




Our country does not have a judiciary independent of authority terrorism, in addition to the existence of a judiciary that people respect, as it is only facades of injustice and violence against the people, and dozens of cases against the country's free people and reformers are all issued their judgments before they are presented in the courts.  The reformist is a criminal until he dies, he dies by slow killing, neglect and oppression in prisons.  For decades, the judiciary became another whip of oppression that took over the necks, and no one hoped to obtain the right, then the authority flooded the judiciary with corruption and mediation, until judges became facades of corruption and great blackmail for society, and if the judge disagreed and ruled justly, corruption would not keep it, even if they found it.  The rest of integrity, he will expel, or join the cohorts of corrupt judges who have been tightened by the corruption of society, and in the name of Sharia, so that Sharia, justice and those who represent it will fall. As for those who know how to corrupt and implement the decisions dictated by the authority, they are guarded by their power.

 We in the party seek to build a fair judiciary that punishes the corrupt and not appointed by leaders and judges.  We want a judiciary that reassures the litigants that fairness is its goal, a judiciary that is watched by society to protect its judiciary from the prevalence of political and personal corruption.



Women in our society lived in a miserable, oppressive situation and a long deprivation of their rights, whether because of traditions and customs, or because of the authorities' hypocrisy of some extremist religious men. This made women subject to an unprecedented state of weakness and exhaustion in our society, with unfair laws and practices, and sometimes even deprivation of inheritance, work, and political and social aparticipation.  This is a situation that the Arabian Peninsula did not witness in the worst eras, neither before nor after Islam.  She was involved in agriculture and trade, so the authorities prevented her from even going out on her own to extract any papers or review any administration.  This gross injustice was attributed to religion once and to the system again, and both matters were arbitrary by the authority.  Because when she wanted to flatter the West, she canceled much of this with a stroke of a pen or a verbal promise.  Otherwise, the Muslim women, but the women of the world, did not suffer persecution as the authorities did towards women in our country.  The worst of it is that women freedom fighters were considered by the authorities to be criminals because they demanded the rights of women, and they are now in the depths of the darkness of prisons and suffering oppression, torture, harassment and deprivation of the lowest rights, and even their relatives suffered harm because they demanded rights that human beings on the globe do not differ in their righteousness, and all this so as not to  It is said that the woman in our country obtained a right because of a struggle. Rather, the authorities declare that every right that is obtained is a blessing or a gift from the authoritarian, and no one has the right to work to achieve it.  And just as what happened to women claiming their rights, every man demanded any legitimate right for him, so he does not have the right to work to achieve his demands. Rather, he must be silent and surrender and wait for a “blessing” or a “human rights gift” to establish the principle: “You have neither the matter nor the right anything but what  We call it a blessing to you, "so that one of the ruler's advisors stated that decisions to empower women from public jobs must be preceded by taxes and a reduction in family income, so that women are forced to work alongside men, so that these laws come out not in the interest of the family, but on the basis of the impoverishment of the man and the woman and harm.  To the family and humiliate everyone;  That is why one of the most important duties was to end this complete right of society, both men and women, with the initiative of the party to create a democratic means to solve society's problems in public opinion.


Organizations and groups

We know that human societies have diverse opinions and different positions on various issues, and that living societies are full of ideas and groups.  This is a vital phenomenon and a sign of health for any society, as it contributes to enlightenment, and the search for the best means for the happiness of society and respect for their diversity and the diversity of their opinions.  We believe that the diversity of positions and opinions is the intellectual and cultural wealth of the society, provided that this society has its free platforms in expressing its opinions and explaining its positions in what serves the best of the group and its interests, under platforms respected by all and in which the people's representatives vote to take decisions in its major issues, after removing tension, racism and sectarianism.  The insulting and humiliating nature of the people, which penetrated under the pretext of defending beliefs and opinions is in fact the political position of the authorities, so that the concealment behind a specific sectarianism is one of the servants of tyranny even if it pretends to serve a doctrine or an ideological or jurisprudential school.

 Therefore, we believe that the existence of moderate parties and groups that believe in democracy as an idea and application will create natural societal intellectual components that have the right to engage in any intellectual or political activity that does not harm the unity of the country, does not diminish its position, and maintains its complete independence.


Islamic schools of thought in our society

In our society are Sunnis, Shiites, Ismailis, Sufis, Salafists, and so on, and these are intellectual components that have lived in harmony, neighborhood and understanding for centuries, and only the authorities' desires to strike society together, so that the authorities say that they are the ones who take care of the security of minorities out of fear of the majority, and claim that they protect the majority from  Their fears of the minority.  The island has lived for centuries without sedition, such as the one that sweeps and frightens our society today, through official stirring of fear and mismanagement, and because of the authorities spreading a policy of hatred and hostility at home and abroad.  We do not trust authorities to take revenge on a sect, sect, group, or party to uniquely decide or spread terror in society. Rather, our first and last concern is to affirm equal citizenship for all members of society regardless of their intellectual and sectarian convictions, and to establish protective laws for all groups and components of society.


Foreign Affairs

The foreign relations in our country have been based on one basis, from their inception to the present day, on an important basis, which is dependency on the outside and preserving the seat of power.  In the Cold War, the country was used in religion, economy and politics as servants in a camp, and it was used to strike the unity of the Arab peoples and fight their independence.  It has known unjustified enmities and incomprehensible friendships since the founding of this kingdom and formulating its foreign policy, which did not have independence, but rather worked a lot to serve foreign agendas, and introduced our country to serve others against its interests.  This heinous dwarfism and the great digestion of our country and its harnessing to serve foreign agendas was done in order to preserve the chair, and the country was out of its skin and stripped of its interests and from the international standing befitting it to a mere port of the adventures of adventurers and the tampering of the absurd.

 What we want in the party is political and human relations that respect the interests of our people and establish balanced relations with the peoples and governments of the world, stable relations that achieve security in the world and respect for sovereignty, and maintain respect for our country and relieve pressure on our people while protecting their rights. We are not an empire and we do not want our country to be a mere subordinate.  It has no value, no role, and no field for filtering external discounts.

We will work to develop our country's relations with various countries, entities and institutions of the world, give rule to law, end military adventures, and put out fires sparked by reckless policies.  This has turned the region into fires around us, and we won nothing but the world's hatred of our country and the increase of hatred against us, in addition to losing everything.  We will also create an environment of mutual friendship and non-aggression.  We are not fanciful in this, but the whole world knows the political calamities and diplomatic failures that have characterized our country, especially in recent decades.



We were not motivated by any personal motives, personal gains, or revenge from people for this initiative. These actions are not what brings individuals except for hardships and sacrifices. On the other hand, our position is not to take revenge on individuals, for our work, approach and program are above individual stances.  We do not want any individual in our society to be affected by any harm, regardless of his position, for the honesty of saying and the necessity of salvation from the existing absurdity obliges us to take the initiative to reform and change for the better for all.  We believe that the failure of the authorities has affected everyone without exception, and their reality has declared a comprehensive political and economic bankruptcy.  And if we do not seek revenge against anyone, then we affirm that no one is above the law, and there is no one who sets himself up so that he is not asked about what he does, and he terrorizes people into being subdued and punishing them with what he imagines is going on in their minds.

Everyone understands that the announced founders were able to present this initiative because they managed to escape the political hell in the big prison that this family has run for nearly a century.  Since the kingdom was founded, it has been exploiting all components of religion and the world to subdue the people for tyranny.

The party wants you to advocate for the voices that bring together the population of the homeland and are keen on its interests, equating its members and liberating it from one voice and one individual, and from authoritarian terrorism that destroys our reality and threatens a future that is the most dangerous on the Arabian Peninsula.  These authorities began plundering the population in every way, and in just two years the taxes increased to twenty percent on everything, and before they were satisfied with public unannounced taxes on all services, including imported goods, various cards, residency, electricity, water, and others.  Today, the one who strikes these taxes on society and plunders the people's money does not allow them to ask where our money is spent from our taxes, and does not allow us to control our money, as if the people have also become their property, and their money is a cold booty for all the corrupt and the horizons.  This unfairness came after our society got used to plundering its resources of oil, gold and minerals that are exported to the world without any information for the people, all of which are poured into the pocket of the ruler, his children and relatives, and whoever creates his security from abroad, or bribes him by buying weapons and various contracts.



People were once silent on steeling  Because the fearless loot used to grant the people some of their rights, even if it was a crumb, and today nothing. Today our authorities eat our wealth and eat us, and prevent us from even complaining.  Screaming about looting is a crime, and if a poor person delays sending his money to an authoritarian, then it is a crime that ends with imprisonment and confiscation.  Not only does it confiscate money, it also prohibits every free word that proposes an economic solution, or sets out a vision to confront crises made by an ignorant politician.  Instead of listening to and honoring the experts and gossipers who are keen on the economy of their country, he punishes them by any means to remain a plunderer, controlling the wealth of our country and destroying the future of generations in it.  Those who demanded economic reforms were the same as those who demanded any other reforms.  The authoritarian has promised to diversify the sources of income and make people happy. If he intends to diversify his personal income sources, the methods of stealing public and private wealth, and increasing taxes.  He bankrupted the sovereign fund, then doubled taxes in a way that did not happen with this cruelty in world societies, plundered merchants, destroyed investments, large merchants and their young people and the livelihood of their families, closed shops due to fixed fees and multiple taxes, unfaired residents financially and imposed unjust restrictions and decrees on them, and made their exit or stay a hell,  Then he promises that investments will come from abroad.  Even Aramco offered it for sale and then to participate, and no one accepted the mismanagement of the country, the insecurity of trade and the failure of politics, so which merchant accepts that his fate is imprisonment or worse and the fate of his money is plunder and confiscation, since there is no law protecting?

We in the party do not promise anyone the paradise of eternity, but we promise to stop the great corruption.  A river of gold has been pouring into our country every day that has poured into the king’s office for nearly a century, and the people have no right even to know how much income and how much it left, just as a member of the government council (Shura) dared when he said: “The oil and financial revenues flow into the court.  The king gives the government the budget as a gift. "  This is the reality without the people having any right to their wealth, and today the authorities are absorbing what the people have in their hands for their little.


The party will commit that the people's money reaches the state's institutions and its residents according to a fair distribution law, and not, as is happening today, of appropriating everything, then scattering crumbs and some taxes for followers and hypocrites, and small sums of services that increase backwardness and decline every day.



There is no media organization in our country that we can trust in what it publishes, for they are trumpets of authoritarianism accustomed to the satire of every reformer and suppressing every voice of truth, as in the past they were run by horizons who served themselves and their personal and partisan purposes, or in keeping with the tendencies of external hegemony.  One day, the ambassador was addressing the editor of a Saudi newspaper in London, saying, "Oh so-and-so, you are more Americans than Americans."  Because the journalist was a trumpet for the neoconservative government and the newspaper owner.

Today we are faced with what is further, more strange and dependent;  The media has become a trumpet for everything that is against the interests of our country and the interests of its people.  A former senior official wrote about this bitter fact and indicated that a Gulf government learned from our country's government how it ridiculed Arab media professionals, and paid them money to be its voice, so that Gulf government imitated it by buying media professionals in our country and mocking them for it.  As a result of this purchase, the media of our country became a loudspeaker for others against us and against our interests, after those parties paid millions, even to those who could hardly break the line, and thus they were able to pursue our country’s politics, thought and destiny.

There can be no awareness, transparency, responsibility, participation and development in the absence of information, concealment of corruption, denial of defeats, praise of oppression, and making the people mere trumpets and drums for what they are told and hands applauding for what lies about them.  The media is a means of monitoring the authorities, and if it is not free, then it will be an enemy of society, a harm to it, a fool to its minds, and a death to its conscience.  As for our program in the media, it is to free it from the shackles of power, and to give it its assigned role in societal monitoring and serving public interests.


Confronting official terrorism

Everyone knows that terrorizing the powerful in society has one goal, which is to suck the blood of people, plunder and humiliate them.  The more the society plundered and humiliated it, the more it needed to terrorize it in order to increase its wealth.  Only the dirt of the cemetery will fill his stomach, and this terrorism will not stop until the demise of the one who enjoys the infallible position of accountability and criticism.  Because there is a fundamental link between plundering public money and terrorizing society.  A fearful society surrenders and surrenders all its possessions to the tyrant in defense of his life, which is transformed day after day into a resident hell, so he does not pay the oppressed money for his soul, neither satisfies the oppressor nor his desires, and increases his injustice and plunder whenever he notices that the people surrendered and remained silent and handed over their wealth to him.  And in the end, neither money, dignity, freedom, nor reputation, as the largest fearful prisoner of society is being made today;  This paves the way for a wave of terror that the authoritarian desires to take revenge on everyone and the voices of the harbinger, as he sees his war on society as a necessary means of subjugation.  We are only waiting for waves of executions of the liberals, under any pretext, and what we see is that the authoritarian will not be satisfied with him except with blood in the streets and judgments by judges who obey his orders.  We warn against this, because the failure of assassinations will act on behalf of criminal assassinations in the name of the judiciary.

Therefore, it is the duty of everyone to move towards saving the country from the escalating official terrorism.


We need to face the governmental disruption of society

We need to face the rupture in the name of regions, in the name of sects, in the name of history, in the name of loyalty to the outside, in the name of religion, and in the name of openness.  And they have closed us and destroyed our souls in the name of religiosity and they are the pioneers of immorality, and in the name of Sharia, and they mock it for their whims, and in the name of the sheikhs and many of them are their servants in their palaces and administration, and in the name of the West they are full of bribes and worship for its whims  The sectarian and regional tension is created by the authorities in order to spread enmity and permanent terror in society, so that they can claim that they are everyone’s protectors.


We need to face war recklessness and defeat

We need to face political, war and societal recklessness.  Who sanctioned the failed war in Yemen, Libya and Socotra, and being dragged behind the desires of motivated rulers?  The war in Yemen is in addition to the injustice that afflicted our brothers in Yemen, it humiliated our country, impoverished it and revealed many situations and tragedies, and the rulers of our country cover up the number of dead and wounded, and they do not mention the cities that have emptied of their inhabitants, services and airports suspended because of the war and the continuous strikes, and they do not spread the misery that he suffers.  The soldiers are due to the lack of food, weapons and poor planning, and no one talks about the thefts of government, army and intelligence leaders, and they record false numbers, and Yemeni bribes sign false documents, and in the end, looting and defeat.

This lost war must stop, It is a defeat and a war without leadership, politics, or experience.  It is a long-term suicide.  Five years of defeats are enough for the average wit to get rid of them, and the partners pretending to partner in the war are, in fact, extreme enemies in their hostility, who pretend to be friendly and pro-active.


We need to face financial foolishness


 Our country has become a center for war against the choices of peoples, and a center for a counter-revolutionary wave that is hostile to democracy, confiscates freedoms, and sheds the blood of peoples yearning for dignity and freedom.  Authorities awarded billions for counter-revolutions;  Because the coup against democracy ended the people's choice, and suppressed murders, assassinations and deaths in prisons, advocates of democracy of various orientations, and the counter-revolution created a complete loyalty and slavery to tyranny, and our authorities spend all of this while our youth have no money, work or future, they are waiting for their country's reputation to deteriorate further and lack - Let’s  Allah - and they die in the seas of migration like the rest of the Arabs, who are forced by corrupt rulers to flee their people and their homelands.


We have to face the financial stupidity and tampering with the country's wealth in palaces, paintings, flattery to the outside, and fictional fictitious projects that are built to propagandize the authorities and flirt with the outside, by demolishing the homes of the poor and the weak who have spent an era of their lives building easy housing to shelter them.  These failed fictional projects are run by foreigners, many of whom are ignorant of everything, and then they are projects that carry for our country nothing but demolishing homes and terrorizing their people and expelling them from them to chase a strange imagination that may come as a tourist on the remains of our people’s blood and the debris of their homes.


We need to end the hate

We do not care whether Islamic or secular rule in other countries is the choice of the citizens of those countries. Rather, it is important to us that the policy of making enemies in all the neighborhoods or the Arab and Islamic surroundings ends.  So what do we benefit when an army is victorious in a dictatorship against the people, or when a tyrannical criminal triumphs over his people at the request of the authorities of our country for others to intervene to kill the people, or for countries to destroy others, or if we support one party in a state against another of its own people?  What have we gained from advocating for dictatorship everywhere?  And what did we gain from contributing to the demolition of countries other than putting our country on the line of fire with others?  What does our country benefit when the north, south, east and west are all burning against us because of an individual opinion that may have been driven by or without consciousness by an enemy, or by a stupid individual with a decision?  Failed and failed authorities destroyed and burned the world around us, and sowed hatred and hatred for us.  And everyone has evidence of the failure of this blind policy that it fancies in destroying its neighbors is good for it.  This is in addition to planting all the reinforcements of hatred between us and the peoples of the world, the peoples of the region, and among the components of our society itself. The authorities have strengthened sectarian, regional, racism, exclusion and all means of discrimination and rivalry.


We want to live in a environment in which we do not cause problems, and in which we do not create enmity, murder, treachery or labor.  We are advocates of peace, maintenance and protection for our country, our society and our relations.  We do not accept for our country to be weak or fearful, just as we do not accept that it be a factory of evils, hatred and death for others, or for our country's tyrannical regime to bring the invaders tomorrow, and that is a fixed year;  Every single person in power is bound to exhaust the population and destroy their will, strip them of their dignity and protection through his injustice and corruption, then hand them over to their country and cold spoil for an occupier waiting for the dissolution and disappearance of the state.


Tribes and regions

The authorities made sure that they had failed to establish a single state and society, so the people resorted to their tribal and regional formations, as the authorities played on the tearing apart of society.  And we need to spare our countries the criminal effects of this rhetoric that tears apart the community. The authorities have become accustomed to spreading a culture of tearing apart among the citizens, and their policy is based on intimidating regions from one another, intimidating tribes from each other, intimidating urban Bedouins, and terrorizing people that they can either shut up  And be subdued and humiliated, otherwise the confrontations between regions and tribes are the fate that awaits them.  This big lie that looks at society with an inferior view, and publishes about it that it is a community of monsters waiting to break out, justifying their brutality and terror with another terror.


These authorities, who are accustomed to the policy of disruption in the name of religion, the world and in the name of the regions, must know that this people is no longer amenable to this great corruption that is based on fraud, deception and intimidation of society from each other.  We are one society that was torn apart by the interests of powerful spoilers in power, and made into individuals torn apart for fear that they would meet on necessary demands.  These spoilers are only interested in the survival of mutual fear among the components of society.  She has officially approved the policy of impoverishment, wars, prisons, taxes, and starvation, and she believes that taking society with fear is the only policy that works against it, so she plundered wealth and sent it abroad to hoard it there, in preparation for a day when the people would pay attention to their responsibility towards themselves and restore their usurped rights and plundered wealth.


The necessity of alerting before the crash

If the party had only taken the initiative to warn about the dangers that these authorities are conducting and chart the way to salvation and building the future state, it would have done a great job towards the people, but we would not only do a warning, but rather build an alternative building, and gather people to save what can be saved after the fire spread.  In all corners of society, there is no money, work, security, and victory, but everyone is waiting for their wealth to be smuggled out with their hands or confiscated for the benefit of an authoritarian individual who also escapes and scatters them abroad, to humiliate society with poverty, fear and plunder.  It is setting up a real war on our wealth, our security, and our future, to be humiliated, to surrender and be silent.


Yes, we realize that we are risking our lives and our families when we face this fire and when we refer to these open dangers, but our country, the integrity of the word, and the trust of conscience tell us that silence is a crime, and advocating corruption and aligning with it is a great betrayal of our country and its future.  We also realize that we are a few in the beginning, but we are the voice of the majority.  And if you say this cry in many countries outside the country, then this vision, the cry, the warning, and the warning will be tomorrow, the stance and public discourse of the oppressed people.  We are only the vanguard who formulated the vision and lit the lamp of alarm, and defined the terrifying truths of those who overlooked them, or feared knowing the truth, and we took into account the feelings of those who love to remain in the darkness, and that is his condition and destiny.  Our country will not move to see the way before warning and directing to solve the great problem, before calamities occur and the opportunity for peaceful change is lost, since the destruction of the country is the desire of the spoiler, rather his program, either he alone is everything, otherwise the country will burn with its people.